Agile 3D Virtual Shopping

Testing & optimizing in-store execution BEFORE it goes live is challenging due to the complex logistics involved with store trials and mock-up test stores. Shopnosis’ virtual simulations enable testing at a fraction of the cost.

Shopnosis Virtual can be Deployed as a DIY app - contact us for details.

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Retail environment replicated in 3D

We build a virtual aisle for your category, using assets from our product and planogram database. Easy to insert your test creatives and/or layouts.


Recruiting shoppers online

Shoppers are recruited via online panels to do a virtual shopping trip. Our 3D shopper app works on any device. There’s no need to download anything. Shoppers love the experience.


Predictive A/B test results

Shopping results are available as soon as recruitment finishes, showing you which execution will sell most. The app can be used as a DIY solution or we can fully set things up for you.

Key Metrics

Get the best of both worlds: real shopping trips with real shoppers and virtual shopping.

Virtual shopping

Sales Uplift

After areas for improvement are mapped, make sure your new execution will fill the gaps. Compare sales to your current execution, in A/B testing context. Test new layouts, packaging, POS creatives and new products.

Virtual shopping

Shoppability Uplift

Measure how your new execution impacts shoppability and shopper experience, by measuring speed of shop, money spent, shopper walk rates and likability.

Virtual shopping

Shopper Reviews

Get quick shopper feedback about creatives and experiences.


Interested in automated in-store observations?

Measure any aspect of the in-store shopper journey.
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